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Waxtrax Radio
Commercial Free Classic Album Rock
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Classic Rock   Psychedelic   Progressive
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About 'Waxtrax Radio'
Waxtrax Radio Streams Classic Album Rock, Incuding Your Favorite Artists From The 60s & 70s.
The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Ten Years After, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Spooky Tooth, The Moody Blues, Electric Light Orchestra, Blue Cheer, Bob Dylan, Canned Heat...
Waxtrax Radio Often Slides You Into A Hallucinogenic Hayride With Such Artists As
Ananda Shankar, Its a Beautiful Day, Gong, Status Quo, Kaleidoscope, Tomorrow, The Mothers Of Invention, Fever Tree, May Blitz, Moby Grape, Starcastle, Sweet Smoke, Syd Barrett, The Electric Flag, The Nice, Wishbone Ash...
You'll Hear Music With A Message, B-Sides & Deep Cuts, As Well As Extended Versions Other Stations Tend Not To Play.
Mostly 60's & 70's With A Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock Influence..
It's All About Reaching That Specific Audience That Appreciates The Deep Cuts.
What's Played On Waxtrax Radio Comes From Listeners Opinions & Suggestions.
Waxtrax Radio Broadcasts From Deep In The San Juan Mountains Of Southwest Colorado.
Non Profit, Privately Owned And Funded.
Always Free To Listen & No Commercials.

"Let Waxtrax Radio Expand Your Mind & Keep You Coming Back For More!"

Waxtrax Radio
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