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B2B Gospel Radio
The Phoenix of Gospel Music and News
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Gospel   Jazz   R&B/Urban
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About 'B2B Gospel Radio'
DJ Gus recognizes his time on the radio as an opportunity to minister to anyone that is facing the daily demands of work, school or just home life and needs a spiritual uplift as they face their daily challenges. He encourages his listeners to see his shows as a way to dial in to the awesome power of God through music and chat with other listeners of like mind. It is for this reason that his show is filled with the variety of urban and inspiration gospel, contemporary and motivational music across several genres, jazz, house, reggae, RnP, CCM and so on.

His shows contain news and reviews and always has several interview spots each week with personalities from all walks of life so as to present a broad and balanced spectrum of life particularly focusing on the issues and challenges to our personal and spiritual lives.

Log in and chat with the presenters during live shows. A grand experience. See for yourself.
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