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Where Hit Music Lives
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About 'Hit1FM'
Hello there! We’re Coventry and Warwickshire’s truly local radio station! We love living and working in this area, we think there’s so much more to the area than people know about. We’re extremely passionate about supporting our local music scene, and there are many acts featured on our website.

Hit1FM launched in early 2012 with the aim to become Coventry & Warwickshire’s next big thing. Believe it or not, the station started in a small bedroom in Coventry. We’ve now grown to support hundreds of local artists in the area, provide training to countless young people and occupy our own studios based in Leamington Spa.

As shown by our name, we only play the hits. Non-stop hits, all day, every day; that’s our passion. Tune in and you won’t hear the same playlist on repeat. In addition to our great choice of music, we’ve got some great personality to take you through your day. Wake up with Jason Scott, then drive home and settle with Ben Northey! Coventry & Warwickshire is such a diverse area, we love it. We love providing training to young people in the local area who have a keen interest in journalism, music and media.
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