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About 'DSN'
Pat DeLuca and Charlotte DiFranco began working together at radio station WDJQ in 2004. DeLuca was the night jock and DiFranco was the Promotions Director. The two became fast friends.

In 2006, DeLuca was promoted to morning drive and a few months later Charlotte joined him as co-host, and the pair made history as being consistently the highest rated morning drive radio program in the Canton, Ohio radio market.

Both DeLuca and DiFranco’s contracts expired on February 2, 2012 and though both tried for weeks to come to a new agreement, station management was unwilling to come to terms and released them both – two weeks after receiving their best ratings book at the station.

While left temporarily without a “stage” to connect with their audience of thousands of daily listeners, both DeLuca and DiFranco committed to continuing their relationship with their fans..

The DSN was born out of that necessity.

The concept originated as a platform to stream “The DeLuca Show”, but quickly has evolved into a unique blend of multi-genre music with original, compelling content.

In late February, DeLuca obtained web-only music licensing with ASCAP, BMI, SEASAC, and SoundExchange so that we could legally play ALL kinds of music, unedited and in high quality. The license was obtained via Stream Licensing, LLC, and makes the DSN legal to play the music you now hear 24/7.

The duo’s previous employer sought a preliminary injunction to keep DeLuca and DiFranco from being able to stream music and content on the internet, but Stark County Common Pleas Judge Charles Brown rejected WDJQ’s request to do so on April 17, 2012. The case, known as DeLuca V. DA Peterson, Inc, has been publicized as being a case of “first impression”, meaning no case similar exists in American legal history. The case is still pending.

Internet Radio is the new way of the industry. In 2011 alone, online listening increased 222% and revenue increased by nearly 150%. By 2015, Pew Research estimates 80% of Americans will own a smart phone. As traditional forms of media are losing audience daily, “new media” is growing by the day.

While stations like Pandora and Spotify have become the new rage, there are few online-only options for both great music and original, compelling

Keith Hamilton hosting "The Basement" live.

content. We intend to change that.

In Mid-March 2012, Keith Hamilton (formerly of WRQK-FM) joined The DSN and began a weekday rock show called “The Basement”, which airs between 7 and Midnight EST Monday- Friday.

April 2012 brought record listening numbers and two new personalities – Liz (formerly nights at WDJQ-FM) and Drew. Liz hosts “DSN@Work” which is a blend of top-40 and rock music designed to be “safe for work” and friendly to office environments.

Drew Spice hosts the afternoon shift (Drew! In The Afternoon) from 4 – 7 PM Eastern.

With The DeLuca Show, DSN @ Work with Liz, Drew! In The Afternoon, and The Basement with Keith Hamilton, The DSN features LIVE, ORIGINAL, content per weekday.
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