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Abbott's Grave Digger Radio
We're Diggin Up The Best!
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About 'Abbott's Grave Digger Radio'
Grave Digger Radio was created in 2010 to solve one major problem. Radio stations do not allow DJs to be creative on air nor are they allowed to play obscure songs. DJs no longer have the choice to play a song from a small local act in effect bring music to the masses that does not have a huge marketing machine behind it.

If air play rules would have always been this way then the world would have never heard more than a few of the greats, such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Boston just to name a few. This problem of national artist play lists was debunked in the 1980′s with the arrival of MTV. Thousands of new acts that would never have seen the light of day managed to receive air play and as a result hundreds if not thousands of songs maid the top Billboard 100 that just a few years before would have gone unnoticed. As a result the landscape of music was transformed and entire genres where born such as the 1980′s Hair Band explosion.

Grave Digger Radio staff believes that we can capture this again but with a broader brush. We would like to get back to the days where a DJ can create a entertaining family friendly & adult radio show. People still want to hear artists that they have not herd, something new. We are all sick of not having a choice on jumping off the mainstream

music train to hear fresh new tracks or acts. Well Grave Digger Radio has a plan on changing this.

Grave Digger Radio is the place to be when it comes to your favorite music on the internet!
There will be contests,giveaways etc We will also be featuring Local acts as well so stay tuned.
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