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1067 The Vibe FM
Part 15 Radio 1067 The Vibe FM, The 60\'s, 70\'s, 80\'s, 90\'s Channel
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About '1067 The Vibe FM'
1067 The Vibe FM, The 60\'s, 70\'s, 80\'s, 90\'s Channel, is a part 15 radio station located in Ilion NY.

We are not a pirate station. The FCC allows low powered devices to operate a certain power levels and maximum field strength levels on the FM and AM broadcast bands, without a license. The range of such stations is very limited, so if you are not within a few blocks to 1 mile of the station, you will have to resort to our online web-stream.

1067 The Vibe is a noncommercial radio station. We take donations from listeners and businesses to keep the operation going. We feature News and Sports from IRN/USA Radio Network, weather from the national weather service and provide local announcements and underwriting messages. Our music is a blend of rock, hot AC, Techo, rap and jazz from the 60\'s, 70\'s, 80\'s and 90\'s era.
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