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ATLWEBRADIO.com is an Internet ONLY Radio Station based in Atlanta, GA US. With over 17 million viewers and listeners listening on over 130 countries worldwide. ATLWEBRADIO is excellent platform for gaining exposure for new independent Hip-Hop and R&B talents worldwide. In 2005 ATLWEBRADIO began the NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT program which is an excellent support system for developing breaking artist new music. The program consist of 8 phases for viral buzz development. 1) Full Rotational Airplay, World Premiere Interviews, Follow Up Interviews, and Drops added for name association and branding, 2) Excellent Visual for Branding including Photo, Logo, Biography, Social Networking Urls, Youtube Videos, and Contact Information, 3) Polling for feedback from a world wide audience of listeners and viewers also utilized along with call in requests to develop the TOP 50 Internet Records Report published monthly on ATLWEBRADIO, 4) Email marketing campaign to over 30,000 newsletter contacts, 5) MP3 Submission to over 50 Internet Radio Coalition Program Directors, 6) Consultation for Copyrights with the US Library of Congress, Performing rights for publishers and writers royalties with ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, and Registration with Soundexchange for Internet Radio, Satellite Radio, and Cable Television Airplay, 7) Online Distribution with Real Time Payments and 100% pay off to artist using paypal business platform, and 8) LIVE LOCAL PROMOTIONAL PERFORMANCES in ATLANTA, GA on the ATLWEBRADIO IS YA HOTT SHOW streamed LIVE @ local ATLANTA, GA nightclubs every 1st FRIDAY. This program costs a professional budget of $500.00 and is a proven method in helping to break up and coming Hip Hop and R&B artist...Please email atlwebradio@yahoo.com with MP3, Photo, and Bio for review..Or call (404) 919-9363 to speak with New Music Director Jamal "@CYBERDJCK" Whited
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