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Technofrag Radio
Reach out and Frag Someone
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About 'Technofrag Radio'
From the dark shadows of downtown, to the enemy-lined horizons of the land, to the sprawling beauty of our best friend's inards, nobody knows the gaming life like Technofrag Radio.Since May 2005, we've been providing the people of the gaming and technology communites with breaking tech news, free gaming servers, insightful hardware and game reviews, as well as exposure to the newest, latest and hottest software and games of today. Today, more people tune into the Technofrag Experience. We reach every corner of the globe - Canada, US, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Scotland, England... the list goes on and on.. That's infinitely more than your conventional radio. And since you're already here, you know how comprehensive our Web site is. What you may not know is that over 2000 unique users generate more than 720,000 site requests in a typical month. Simply put, we can be as much a part of life in this community as plasma runs through decaying flesh. And like that, we reflect the people, places of community and the promise of one KICK ASS STATION!
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