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Ebb & Flow
Keep the music Flowing
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About 'Ebb & Flow'
Ebb & Flow was founded March 26, 2014 by Gareth Maddock (also known at the time as Mad Dog), Gareth and many of our DJs came from a station known as Abys Radio. Abys Radio was a radio much like Ebb & Flow dealing with the LoL community, being the unofficial voice for the fans! Abys was short lived though and the DJs that worked there felt like it went by too fast and still wished to perform for the fans. So Gareth (Mad Dog) decided to start a station again for the members of Abys, not only for the DJs but for all the loyal fans to still have a place they can go to for their music! So now, being the Owner of a station Gareth wanted a fresh start so his DJ name got changed from Mad Dog to Luna (after his original character..Luna Skylark see below). The station name is special thanks to Brent Querin (one of Gareth's best friends from High School) who came up with it from Gareth playing nothing but Nami on his account till level 30 (Nami's W is Ebb & Flow). After all of this Gareth worked hard to make Ebb & Flow what it is today.
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