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Metal station, Saint-Peterburg, RUSSIA
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About 'WD-iRADIO'
Draft WD-iRADIO organized for the broadcast of heavy music in intrnete, as well as to promote young bands this direction together with a group of Werewolf Division http://wdivision.org.ru and sites http://ruscom.net.ru - IT-exclusive sponsor of Werewolf Division .

You want to be on the air our station? E-mail and you\\\'ll be a guest at our station. Record conversations and individual tracks will be available throughout the audience. Scheduled time of the rotation of no more than once a day, the same group. Taken no more than 4 tracks or album in the whole arrangement. In the rotation will be running only one track on the choice of the editor.

Rules for sending a file to the rotation:

Maybe send an email to: info@wd-iradio.spb.ru and invest:

1 to 4 tracks of your songs in mp3 (320 kb / s, 44 kHz, stereo) CUT ID tag, in English is obligatory! press release about the group (a text document word) your logo (preferably with a transparent background png) tracks from the album cover (if available)

In the rotation of the group performing accepted:

Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Groove Metal, Progressive Metal, Technical Metal, Melodic Metal, Neoclassical Metal, Love Metal, Epic Metal, Stoner Metal, Crossover Metal, Experimental Metal, Extreme Metal, Modern Metal, Industrial Metal , Funeral Metal, Symphonic Metal, Psychedelic Metal, Atmospheric Metal, Depressive Metal, Gothic Metal, Folk Metal, Dark Metal, Blackened Metal, Black Metal, Pagan Metal, Viking Metal, Battle Metal, Doom Metal, Death Metal, Brutal Metal, Alternative Metal, Nu Metal, Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, Mathcore, Metalcore, Thrashcore, Deathcore, Grindcore, Goregrind, Pornogrind, Shitgrind, Crustgrind, Noisegrind, Cybergrind, Alcogrind, Funnygrind.

Only regions RUSSIA!

WD-iRADIO offers you a professional recording and broadcasting of concerts in our and your site, including the creation of commercials and banner.
High quality equipment allows multi-channel recording and broadcasting a live concert. We use equipment YAMAHA, AKG, SHURE, M-Port, etc.

Everything being said is simple! Travel, meals and accommodation at the cost of our services is not included and paid for separately, depending on the number of arriving personnel. This is usually not more than 3 people.

We advance our obgovarivayem rider on which necessarily requires respect for basic items. Make installation of their equipment as possible without interfering with the basic sound system. Configure the server for streaming of a concert hall and produce the basic settings with the sound engineer of the hall during sound check. Further forward to the concert and translate the it.

The average number of visitors a day on our radio is about 20,000 listeners. Of course at the same time during a concert you can hear more than 40 thousand students. This is a very big and serious publicity stunt. They can always use (in concert).

Yet as always, but in rare cases, during the broadcast of failures occur. We have developed a fallback, and write a concert by multi-channel DSP-3000M and a stereo output channel. In any event, one record will be maintained. All material remains with us and we can release a separate disc with the entire concert. Just at the request of the group participating in the concert can buy his record in stereo and mnogokanalke.

During the concert, we do not insert their advertisements, but would wish that it had sounded from the stage. It\\\\\\\'s very prestigious for us and certainly for the concert organizers and performers themselves on stage.

The cost of such recording and broadcast is from 1000 rub. per hour and as I previously wrote, travel, meals, accommodation costs are not included. Orders the party must first resolve the question of access to the Internet broadcast of the concert hall as All our equipment transmits sound through the Internet. We can bring their own equipment for the Internet but it will increase the cost of translation for 1500 rubles. Catering staff at the venue is one of the main points in the riders who just takes over orders the party.

WARNING! If you make a recording of our radio and posted online, include our station. Respect the work of artists and all who provide live broadcasts.
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