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Trax FM
The Original 103.3
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Dance Pop   Garage   R&B/Urban
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About 'Trax FM'
Trax FM,A North London Soul & Dance Station Was Born October 1985. Transmitting Originally From A Caravan And A Regular Live Chat Show. It Was A Party!
Trax Took Birth in October 1985 as a pirate radio station broadcasting from the north circular road in a caravan. The station was called "D.A.D",(abbreviated as Davinder,Amir,David).
After a DTI bust,(or 3!), the name changed from D.A.D to a mobile disco name,(Trax Mobile Disco),to TRAX FM.
The time was 1986,and what fun we had. New DJ's joined,Mickey,Ritz,The Pacman,The Captain & DJ Danny).
Trax also had "live" phone in's and requests on air! We hope to bring some fun back to you over the internet. Anything good will be played. Whether that be House,Hip Hop,Electro,Soul,Jazz,Funk,Disco,Soca,Reggae/Chutney..whatever. Also the live debates returns! Enjoy! www.traxfm.org
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