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The Freak
The best Rock, Folk & ‘Freaky’ music from over five decades 24hrs a day - The Freak
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Alternative   Rock   Indie Rock
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About 'The Freak'
The Freak is an internet radio station coming to you from Drogheda town in Ireland.

Our mission is to bring you the very best Rock and Folk music. But our “format” also allows for related genres which we know will fit the mix. Hence the term Freaky Music. To be honest we felt that it would be too much of a mouthful to be saying Rock, Folk, Alternative, Punk, Blues, Metal etc. etc. etc.

Every song we play is chosen because it is cool and without regard for what have become the normal ‘rules’ for programming radio stations these days i.e. format, demographics, market research, audience appeal and attracting advertising. We just play music we believe in. And if you’re still reading this, you will hopefully agree that we have compiled the coolest playlist possible.

In the 1960′s young long-haired music lovers became known as Hippies and Freaks amongst other names. Sometimes the term Freak was used disparagingly. Other times young Hippies would call each other Freaks.

But that doesn’t have much to do with us. We just think The Freak is a great name for a radio station!

We hope you enjoy,

The Freak.
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