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Rail Music Radio
Railway happiness
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About 'Rail Music Radio'
We are glad to welcome you to our test version of “Rail Music Radio”. Here you will enjoy all sorts of incredible music – from disco of the fabulous 80s to the best hits of the last decade, including some fascinating Russian pop hits.
And it\'s not only about music. Listening to our radio you will enjoy all sorts of railroad sounds – a great collection of different station announcement recordings, a huge variety of sounds of the Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, American trains, as well as specifically selected songs which are devoted to the trains, traveling, the lives and dreams of commuters and anything that is related to the railroad in general in both English and Russian languages.
Our play-lists as well as sound recordings library are regularly renewed and this lets us add new sounds every hour to make your time with us worthwhile. We record the sounds of the railroads, the sounds of the electric and diesel locomotives as well as steam and electric trains, all sorts of train station announcements and even some technical noise sounds.
Moreover, apart from fascinating sounds and fabulous music, the \"Rail Music Radio\" will also provide you with some interesting information which the true railroad fans will definitely appreciate.
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