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Smell the Fuzz Radio
Blues Rock Radio
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Blues   Rock   Acoustic Blues
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About 'Smell the Fuzz Radio'
Smell the Fuzz Radio presents the best of all types of blues.

This project was created earlier this year (2010) out of pure passion for music. The aim is to show the world of new and unknown artists, to keep the Blues alive and promote it.

Smell the Fuzz Radio has been and will continue to remain a commercial-free, listener-sponsored webradio. To ensure this your contribution is needed. With your support we can continue to present the highlights of the Blues history.
To the bands: If you want to publicize your music here, send an e-mail at sophos_physis@fastmail.fm To the audience: Any kind of comments, praise, criticism, suggestions, etc. are very welcome. Write an e-mail at sophos_physis@fastmail.fm
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