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In Sync Radio UK
Playing Nothing But The Hits
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Soul   House   Reggae
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About 'In Sync Radio UK'
In-Sync Radio was establisehd in Jan 2010 as a stand alone music player playing a back to back variety of music,via our www.in-syncradio.com site, since then the station has grown rapidly from 2014 and now Boasts Djs playing from across the world as far away as Argentina.

In-sync was created by Leroy Johnson after numerous shows with community stations in london and commercial stations such as colourful radio and in turn to bridge a musical gap between Old School Soul Rnb Hip-Hop and Deep Soulful House as well as these musical genres playing such a intricate part in Leroys DJ Histoy.

It Is a new exciting and vibrant radio station in whole catering for lovers of all genres of music,
But mostly Deep House, Soul, Rnb, Hip-hop-and ole School 70s and 80s beats...Playing Nothing But The Hits Old beats And New.

In-Sync Radio is packed full of surprises so tell a friend to tell a friend...! Music For Life
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