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Monsoon Radio
Arizona's Storm
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Metal   Alternative   Rock
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About 'Monsoon Radio'
Mesa Arizona
Metal, Hard Rock, Rock, Unsigned
Monsoon Radio has been around jamming unsigned bands mixed with nationals for over 9 yrs now.
I take pride into brining attention to those unsigned bands that need to be heard.
I have had the pleasure of working with many talented unsigned bands localy and nationaly.
I have also worked with and interviewed many national acts including Anvil, Members of Linkin Park, Quiet Riot,
Dio, Megadeth, Flaw, Otep, Sacred Reich and the list goes on.
Every year I have put on whats called The Metalstock Festival here in Arizona, bringing together nationals mixed with
Bands from around the nation.
Always free to listen & no commercials.
Send a request or leave a comment.
Thanks for tuning in
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