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Renegade Radio
Brings The Rave Home To You - Old Skool, Jungle, DNB, Hardcore & MORE
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About 'Renegade Radio'
We are an underground net station, broadcasting 24/7 with added bonuses of a friendly and lively chat room during live shows, a friendly and informative forum, Merchandise, Downloads for tracks and sets from 88-present day (these include live recorded sets from our djs, studio mixes, events, pirate radio recordings, single tracks) also video footage of live events and more added every day.

We are also working hard to promote New Releases on Vinyl from new labels and artists on the scene, including:- Enormous Mouse Records, DJ Nee & Stu Chapman, Mert Wax, Shark fin, Hard Boiled, SST Records, HWND, B2VOS and many more.
We will be doing this via a section on the site called 'Renegade Wax'.
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