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WDHR RADIO Broadcasting, Inc. ®
Where Deep House Reigns!
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About 'WDHR RADIO Broadcasting, Inc. ®'
WDHR Radio Broadcasting, Inc., is an eclectic, non-traditional Internet radio station primarily airing commercial and chatter free music 24/7, 365 days a year. Our primary goal is to provide an independent, non-traditional, brick and mortar online radio format that is free of heavy commercialism so that the music can be heard, uninterrupted, and appreciated. Our track selections are soundly consistent, uniquely put together, and distinctive. We combine groovy but eclectic tracks that are smooth, sexy, and non-intrusive from now and then, and those that are rarely played or heard in clubs or over the airwaves.

WDHR Radio Broadcasting, Inc., caters to music lovers who can kick back and chill for a moment. Programming is of full length tracks that support an artist\'s original work because without them there is no music industry. Unconventional, sophisticated, and alluring blends of Soulful, Jazzy, Classic House, Dub, Nu-Jazz, Progressive, Afro, Broken- Beat, Tech, and Disco intertwined with Deep House music is what you will hear: All original tracks and some remixed works are from artists well known and unknown in the industry. This format provides vitality and support for sung and unsung artists who sustain the industry by providing fans the opportunity to hear and purchase an artist’s full length track at any store where it is available.
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