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Armor Radio
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About 'Armor Radio'
Armor Radio is a 24/7 \"LIVE HOSTED\" Radio show that is in the process of gearing up and setting up. We have 6 incoming phone lines with rollovers, So we will never miss a call from our listeners.We also DO NOT CHARGE YOU TO PLAY YOUR MUSIC!! We also have a total of 10 DJ\'s that will be rolling Tracks for every Indie artist around and as always we are never set to Podcast Armor Radio is always live!! So give us a shout you wont regret it. In the mean time come find us over here.
http://www.ArmorRadio.com http://www.Facebook.com/ArmorEntertainment
Were are also on Skype at ArmorRadio as well..
Don\'t forget Yahoo Messenger at the same I.D.
SEND ALL MUSIC TO Winn@ArmorRadio.com
Not for submission, It\'s for air play. I dont care whether it is Clean or Explicit version as we \"Are Not Regulated By The FCC\"
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