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Radio Done Studio
The Most Outrageous New, Old Music and Everything in Between
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About 'Radio Done Studio'
We did a total revamp of Radio Done Studio, with new schedules, new shows etc.

We now broadcasts an eclectic mix of rock / pop from the latest Top of the Charts, to the 90's,80's,70's and 60's - Forty plus years of Rock.

Our Mellow Sunday's of New Age and Jazz are great to just lay back to on a lazy Sunday and veg...

We even throw into the mix; World, Standards and Soundtracks, along with our own Radio Done Studio Artists.

A true ecletic mix of great tunes.

Our Web URL: http://www.radiodonestudio.net Our main page.

http://www.radiodonestudio.net/rds.php for the radio schedule.

To give a listen:

http://loudcity.com/station/979.aspx for all media player formats. for WinAmp

Give us a Listen - You'll be glad you did!

S/ Done Studio
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