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Radyo Babylon
From Istanbul to The World
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Jazz   Soul   Worldbeat
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About 'Radyo Babylon'
Radyo Babylon is an internet radio from Turkey, Istanbul. Its understanding of music is eclectic, which makes it open to all sorts of good music. It dives deeper into jenres with its programmers and DJs. It has an organic connection to the Babylon Istanbul stage and the Nublu Istanbul stage. In time it will also be broadcasting selected concerts live. It is dedicated to carrying new musical styles, trends, different geographies via its programs and programmers to Istanbul and from Istanbul to the world. Radyo Babylon also functions as a music portal. It aims to provide an easily accessible, open-sharing system for song of the day, album of the week, label of the month, new album notes, music news and special features, becoming a trustworthy bridge between music and the listener.
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