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The Beat Alternative Rock
Alternative Rock Revolution Headquarters! Since 2001
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About 'The Beat Alternative Rock'
CLASSIC ALTERNATIVE ROCK featuring the ’90s alternative/grunge rock icons, “before the alternative rock revolution” pioneers and alternative/modern rock artists of today. You’ll hear great tracks you’ve missed the first time around, others that you’ve loved, and new tracks from recent years from artists continuing in the great alternative rock tradition. We’re a Live365 [EDITOR’S PICK] for 2008 and 2009! BEST LIVE365 ALTERNATIVE ROCK STATION in 2004 & 2005!

Our artists: NIRVANA soundgarden ALICE IN CHAINS pearl jam SMASHING PUMPKINS hole GARBAGE jane’s addiction STONE TEMPLE PILOTS green day NINE INCH NAILS depeche mode JOY DIVISION the cure L7 rem U2 sleater-kinney ELASTICA the pixies PAUL OAKENFOLD foo fighters NEW ORDER the breeders BIKINI KILL babes in toyland SONIC YOUTH and many more .
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