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Metal Tavern Radio
Heavy Metal and Rock Radio
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About 'Metal Tavern Radio'
Metal Tavern Radio Schedule: (24/7 Heavy Metal & Rock)

(Specialized Shows)


Dead Can Dance Cover Tribute- 9-10am Est

Classic Rock Spotlight- 12-3pm Est
-Bands: Boston, Led Zeppelin, Foghat, Heart, Blue Oyster Cult, etc.

Grand Sounds Promotion- 4-6pm Est
Bands on this label spotlighted


Metal Tavern Spotlight - 5-7pm Est
--featured bands:
Blame God. Deep Throat Trauma,Ben Blutzukker, Toxicology, Heathen Deity, Neuromist, Snipers of Babel, Hamerex, and Pink Mass


Diminished Pitch Entertainment- 10-11am Est
Bands on this label spotlighted

V.R. Label Finland- 4-6pm Est
-Bands on this label spotlighted

Metal Message PR- 7-8pm Est
-Bands promoted by this group spotlighted


Alternative/Modern Rock/Post Rock Spotlight- 12-3pm Est
--Bands: Nine Inch Nails, Boris, Alice in Chains, White Zombie, Soundgarden, Sigur Ros, Faith No More, Muse, Alcest, White Lies, etc.

An Hour of Metal Podcast (feat. Jason William Steffen)(When available) 5-6pm Est


Baneful Genesis Records Spotlight- 11am-12pm Est
Bands on this label spotlighted

Everlasting Spew Records Spotlight- 2-3pm Est
Bands on this label spotlighted

Radio Rez Podcast (feat Jason Griffith)(When available)- 5-7pm Est


Hair/Hard Rock Spotlight- 12-3pm Est
--Bands: Van Halen, Ratt, Motley Crue, Dokken, Whitesnake, Twisted Sister, etc

Punk Spotlight- 5-7pm Est
--Bands: Minor Threat, Agnostic Front, GG Allin, The Ramones, Amebix, The Stooges, etc.


Metal Tavern Spotlight- 1-3pm Est
--featured bands:
No/Mas, Abacinate, Strange Land, Radiotrix, Uncle Buck, Endless Void,Theophagy, Madrost, Pissectomy, and Screams of Winter

Inverse Records- 4-6pm Est
Bands on this label spotlighted

VladPromotion- 7-9pm Est
Bands promoted by this group spotlighted
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