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I-95 Sports & Entertainment Network
The NEXT Generation of Sports/Entertainment Radio
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About 'I-95 Sports & Entertainment Network'
I-95 Sports & Entertainment, or I-95 Sports Net for short, is a broadband radio station with sports talk & programming during the day, music & entertainment shows at night. PLUS, we'll offer sports fans INSTANT GRATIFICATION during the big sporting events nationwide LIVE as they're happening. How? Simple. WE'LL be ON the AIR talking about the games with our listeners as they happen. That means all-day football programming on Sundays....on the air during New York Yankees/Red Sox games, all playoffs in sports and more!!!! At night, shows focused on all genres of music, with entertainment shows talking about movies, TV, celebrity gossip and more! Comedy shows, yep. Live/taped concerts, yep. Let I-95 After Dark be your canvass to create any type of show you desire!!!
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