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We are Literacy for Our World
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About 'RadioLiteracyOne'
RadioLiteracyOne is not affiliated with any government, religious or secular groups. Our aim is to bring awareness about the consequences of illiteracy in the world and promote a productive dialogue.

The topic of literacy is particularly relevant in today's economic declining climate because it directly reflects on a plummeting literacy rate and a rising poverty rate. There is currently very little attention dedicated to Adult Literacy and one of our goals is to shed light on this sad fact.

With RadioLiteracyOne’s launch on LoudCity, you’ll enjoy the convenience of block programing format. This type of block programming is similar to the television specialty channels.

Here is sample of topics from past broadcasts:
Safe House for Journalists in France
FEATURE - American Education in Crisis
FEATURE - Education & Literacy in China
FEATURE - ‘The Wall of Shame’ Mexico and Morocco
Washington - The Other Story, Ward 8 (80,000 illiterate people)

RadioLiteracyOne has an ever growing presence on YouTube and ‘Literacy Documentaries’ are individually archived at our website barringtonservices.org.

RadioLiteracyOne & barringtonservices.org thank you for listening
RadioLiteracyOne is dedicated to Education and Talk

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