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Breitbart\'s Inferno
Progressive Comedy and Satire, Breitbart\'s Eternal Punishment
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About 'Breitbart\'s Inferno'
You like zee funnee comedy, yes? Well, as part of ze Internationale Socialist Threat, we present zee channel of zee funnee comedy to make you laugh at zee peeple who are oppressing you. When you laugh at zee oppressor, it makes zem an-GREE and zey no think straight and we, ha ha, have zee, how you say, opportunity! Yes. Zee opportunity to make zee 99 percenters theenk about zee orrible, orrible oppression zay are experiencing at zee hands of zee oppressors. And we laugh at zem. Ho ho! Join zee funnee, funnee mens and womens, like zee Bill Hicks and zee Cheech and Chong, and zee Chris Rock and zee Final Edition, and zee George Carlin and zee Hal Sparks, and zee John Fugelsgang and zee Lewis Black and zee Monty Python and zee Stephanie Miller and Zee Janeane Gafofalo, and zee Firesign Theater and zee many, many other talents comique as we throw off zee oppression by laughing at it! Hah!
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