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The Midnight Talk
Suicide, depression and mental illness awareness
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About 'The Midnight Talk'
Talking about suicide, depression and mental illness, listen to stories about suicide, depression and mental illness - raising awareness. Please feel free to contact me on the contacts below. When E-mailing, please make sure you write "radio" in the subject field so that I don't delete it as spam.

Please note that I am NOT a professional therapist or a mental health practitioner and I am NOT out to make this into a treatment program - If you are depressed or mentally ill please and seek medical advice, please get professional help. If you are suicidal please call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

This show exists to raise awareness on Mental health, depression and suicide and offer support to those working through their issues.

The Time our show is live in different countries:

3:00:00 PM Kansas City (U.S.A. - Missouri)
1:00:00 PM Seattle (U.S.A. - Washington)
4:00:00 PM Augusta (U.S.A. - Maine)
6:00:00 AM Sydney (Australia - New South Wales)
4:00:00 PM Montreal (Canada - Quebec)
10:00:00 PM Paris (France)
10:00:00 PM Berlin (Germany - Berlin)
5:00:00 AM Tokyo (Japan)
9:00:00 PM London (United Kingdom - England)

For finding out the time we are on in countries not specified here please use
Corresponding UTC (GMT) midnight at http://www.timeanddate.com/
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