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Total Adrenaline Radio
Kickin' Your Ass With Necessary Roughness!
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About 'Total Adrenaline Radio'
Total Adrenaline Radio is an Internet radio service specializing in sports and wrestling talk shows, with interviews, as well as the hottest music on the market today. From genres such as, Hip Hop, Rap, Urban, Dance, Techno, Hard Rock, Heavy metal and others. We are broadcasting live over the internet from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Total Adrenaline Radio is trying to give the ordinary sports fans alittle more. We're definately going to be an 'in your face' type of internet radio station. Our demographic range will be 17 to 35. But, anyone can tune in, if they so desire to.
We are just getting started with our website and radio station and have very big hopes that you will 'Tune In' and become a loyal listener. We will only be taking 'Requests' from our 'Requests' form or calling into the station when we are airing live shows. Requests e-mailed in, will NOT be accepted.

We have one channel, with two streaming formats, being mp3 quality. You can listen to our channel for free.

The website and concept was started by Tyler Prattis. At this time we only have a few people involved in the project. The company behind the service, Total Adrenaline Radio, is a for profit corporation. However, we are honored to say that we owe our success to our dedicated fans who spread the word about what we do, and also to the great many talented individuals who dedicate their time to make Total Adrenaline Radio a better place for all its fans.
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