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Streaming Praise Radio
Home of the Independent Gospel Artist
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About 'Streaming Praise Radio'

Streaming Praise Radio.com (SPR) is Toronto’s first 24 hours, 7 days a week Gospel Internet Radio Station started by its founder and CEO Clairmont Humphrey in June of 2000. Streaming Praise Radio is not only dedicated to bringing quality Christian music and illuminating talk shows to its listening audience, but reserves listening hours to various culture groups so they can access both the Christian music and talk in their own language.


From classical, jazz, contemporary, rock, hip hop, pop, hymns, choir to name a few, SPR is known for playing a wide variety of Christian music genres. Famous for its commitment to the independent artist, this progressive radio station has truly earned its reputation of “the home of the independent artist”. It is the place where they can go to get there musical art to the masses and the place where the masses can count on, to access the music of their favorite artist. This gave SPR the ability to be at the front line in the musical trends.
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