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playing the best in pop and dance like the new hit single

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Matell's song Love Brokeback Mountain is a Pop/Top 40 Hit

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Best Male Vocals
.. SONG Magix [play]
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BAND DefAnointed International
.. SONG Love (A Brokeback Mo.. [play]
BAND Matell
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Love Brokeback Mountain!!

Fam, Log on to mp3.com/matell and garageband.com/matell and vote for your boy Matell's song

Love Brokeback Mountain it's at

#37 on the Dance Charts.

I need ya'll to vote for my song and show the world the power of our community!

Vote for my song Love Brokeback Mountain, then leave me a comment so I know who my true fans are!

Holla at your boy!



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