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Energetic Alternative & Dance Hits
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Alternative   Electronic/Dance
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About 'NONSTOP Radio'
NONSTOP Radio is from the heard of Europe
Slovak Republic

Our music is different.
Energetic Alternative & Dance Hits

Net station NONSTOP Radio is aimed to Energetic Alternative and Dance Music. Within the musical focus, it opens the door to everyone and promote domestic scene and its artists, but this in not a condition.

Welcomed are also artists from all around the world, unles they enjoy to sharing their creation and this don´t have to be only musical character. Through sections of website www.nonstopradio.sk artists and promoters can publish articles or links to their creation, videos or events for free and in this way giving to know about their activities to the public.

NONSTOP Radio gives space to writers, photographers, painters, cultular events organizers, actors, civic associations and for anyone who makes value for people.

You can listen to broadcasting especially through new technologies – mobile applications, wifi radio receivers, internet and social networking. Now it is possible to support the station through electronic currency BitCoin.
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