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Spaced Out Magazine Radio
Georgia's Hottest Online Radio Station, Giving You Non Stop Pop, R&B, & Hip Hop
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Hip-Hop/Rap   Pop   R&B/Urban
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About 'Spaced Out Magazine Radio'
Spaced Out Magazine Radio is an online radio station created and designed by Spaced Out Magazine. By broadcasting through Live 365 and Radionomy we give artist/musicians the opportunity to make royalties from spins. SOM Radio will grow as one of the newest powerhouse radio stations of the south, being based in Georgia this station will make a big impact on the indie community and major markets. We wish to continue to serve the Georgia community as a whole with our services and media outlet. As the SOM Brand grows we will continue to update our listeners with daily news on entertainment, current events, nationwide news stories, and more!

The owner of Spaced Out Magazine, Rueben Wood, sets the bar high for 2014 with the whole SOM platform. By turning what was once just a magazine into a complete media development company, SOM will be become a pinnacle for Georgia’s business market. “Since being in business for 3 years, the company has had many challenges to overcome from production value, to actually having a presence” , says owner Rueben Wood. Being in the entertainment industry also plays factors in the growth of the magazine and it’s structure.

The new approach of the company includes the broadcast, magazine, radio, ppc marketing, and billboard campaigns. As each includes its own structure based on the needs of the project, and many will see the new success reach of media in a different aspect.
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