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80s Hitradio
Back 2 Ur Memories
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About '80s Hitradio'
Do you still remember Nik Kershaw, Howard Jones, Alison Moyet,Sidney Youngblood or prince's 1999. Do you like airchecks from DB96.2 (Decibel Radio in the 80s) in Amsterdam , de Avondspits or Curry en Van Inkel. Do you love to hear the commercials of the 80s and like the Jingles from Counterpoint FM or Focus 103. You think 7 inches is too short and love 12 inch or more!. Go back to your memories and enjoy 24 hours a day non-stop hits from the eightees with in the weekends non-stop Rock, soul and dutch music and we are presenting a Top 40 Hitlist from a date in the 80s. Listen to 80s Hitradio, Broadcasting Live from Amsterdam Holland and go back to your memories!
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