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Pozitive Kidz Radio
A Pozitive Voice For A Pozitive Choice
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Educational   Healing   Christian
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About 'Pozitive Kidz Radio'
Welcome to ​Pozitive Kidz Radio. This is where negativity comes to be checked by the hearts and minds of us KIDZ. Through our creativity we will show that there is another side to life that is not ​Violent, Sexual or Disrespectful to Ourselves, our Families or our Communities. Through our creativity we will show why having an E​ducation is and should be a MAJOR focus for a POZITIVE future. Through our creativity we will be proud to show that having Faith in God is a great thing and ones who don't believe as we do will be loved and being Pozitive is the key. I am Lil Jimmy and I am so excited about you working and hanging out with me on Pozitive Kidz Radio​. You will see and hear that I am so focused on being Pozitive with my gifts and talents that this is the place that you have been looking for. Again Welcome to PKR "Pozitive Kidz Radio".​
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