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STROM:KRAFT Radio - Electronic Channel
electronic music entertainment
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About 'STROM:KRAFT Radio - Electronic Channel'
Two DJs with a passion for electronic music crossed ways on a social network in the year 2010. Peter STROM and SCHUBKRAFT quickly became friends and have been walking on the “same” music path together since then. Their way led them to a small internet radio station end 2010, with a couple of other radio stations along the way till end 2011. During that time they got deeply involved in how to manage a radio station and learned a lot about it by taking over various tasks, like A&R / talent scouting, program management, stream server and web page setup and many other internals. In Autumn 2011 it was their destiny that both split with the radio station they were working with and at the same time they met another radio station operator, who helped a lot launching their own little electronic music station, STROM:KRAFT Radio was born on 11th November 2011. From that date the radio was operated in a kind of cooperation for almost a year.

On 1st October 2012 Strom:Kraft Radio finally made a further step forward being operated by Peter STROM and SCHUBKRAFT only.

Important to mention that all the work invested is just for the love of electronic music, as this is a non profit project.

We love electronic music ♥
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